Paints and solid color schemes are a timeless option and in constant demand. A solid color cabinet selection can stay in style for years with modifications to the selections around it. Unlike wood species or shortly popular door styles, the entire focus of the kitchen can change around these cabinets.
To better supply our customers with what the world is looking for, we have expanded our solid color offerings to cover every possible specification, style type, and budget level. We are happy to introduce – The RidgeCrest Elevation Series.

+ Summit Series (new) only a 15% upcharge over our standard paint
The best paint available on the market.
Ultra smooth conversion varnish with superior wear and tear performance.
Available in Dove White, Classic White, and Smoke.
All standard moldings available.
All 18 of our door styles are available.
(add one week to lead time)

+ Mountain Series our normal competitive paint pricing
The classic RidgeCrest painted product you know and love.
Available in all of our standard paint colors.
Glazing available on appropriate door styles.
All standard moldings available.

+ RidgeLine Series (new) zero upcharge to our base stained door pricing
Our new extremely durable wrapped door that minimizes the appearance of dirt and dust. Suitable for both the home and more industrial applications.
Available in 2 new colors – glacier and stone.
Wide selection of moldings available.
Available in shaker door style only.